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Unbeatable Squad Platoon server rules.

Servers 1, 2, 3.

1. Our servers are not for beginner players. Why? Because we do not tolerate chat whining during play. We spent lots of time in this game and we get irritated by chats like:

a) hopeless server,

b) because I get killed all the time,

c) your autobalnace is terrible,

d) because opposite team has high level players.

e) why is this hardcore not normal (and opposite)?

f) why enforce sniper limit? why enforce morta limit?

g) why vehicles spawn so slow (or fast)?

You want to stay in the game? Use chat with wisdom and never argue admin, as this end with kick.

Suggestions for players:

- join team

- play for your team, not against!

 2. We require PROPER BEHAVIOUR on our servers! (tiny bits of bad language are ok, just not against other players).

What is forbidden and may get you removed from the game:

a) we do not call names to other players,

b) we do not start quarrels,

c) do not spam on chat,

d) do not promote: other servers, platoons, websites

e) do not try to rectuit players to teams other than uNSq

f) using offending nick or emblem,

g) trolling other players,

h) using glitch, bugs, cheats or any kind of "improvers",

i) using weapons forbidden on specific server,

j) careless revives under fire,

k) repeated team-kills (intentional or not),

l) camping on attack side, (camping on defense is allowed on Server 3),

m) presenting vehicles to the enemy team,

n) destroying empty vehicles on spawn of your team,

o) baserape, (not on Server 3)

p) stealing vehicles from your team mates,

r) avoiding combat if your friend is on opposite team

s) stat pudding,

t) spam: mortar / drone,

u) actions agains your team, especially destruction of vehicles and equipment,

v) lack of team-play, lone-wolf behaviours,

w) using other language than Polish or English on chat,

For the actions above you can get removed from server or receive:

- Kick

- single round ban,

- time ban,

- permanent ban.

Recidivists will be harshly treated with BAN without warning! It concerns both chat and point 2 offences.

3. What else can you get removed from server?:

a) not listening what leaders and server admins write or tell you.

b) eXp boosting, setups etc.

c) you can get kicked to free slot for VIP player (avoid it by winning or purchasing VIP slot).

d) refusing to fulfill round aims:

Rush – attack or defend

Conquest / Domination – flag capture

4.If you got kicked from the server check first if this was not Autoadmin!

5. Silly questions asked during gameplay that could be answered by reading server rules can result with kick from the game!

6. Chat is being monitored all the time and server logs are frequently checked.

7. All appeals, sugesstions, questions are considered only on our forum, not during gameplay.

8. Do not like our server settings? Disconnect!

9. Do not agree to our server rules? Disconnect!

10. On servers 1, 2, 3 we reserve right to use add-on maps for gameplay.

11. Before you start to play please use !rules command on chat to learn server and map limits.

12. Plugins we use on our servers:

- advanced Balancer

- player Rank

- message Rules

- knife kill announcer

- highping kicker (max allowed ping of 145ms)

- admin alerter

- votekick / voteban

- votemap

- forbidden weapons

- team kill punisher

- weapon limiter

- country kicker ( for Russia )

Plugins may differ between servers.

13.Server commands:

!rules – display server rules

!forgive i !f – forgive teamkill

!punish i !p – punishf or teamkill

!votekick – starts votekick against player

!yes – vote "yes" during active vote

!no – vote "no" during active vote

!voteban – starts voteban against player

!votemap – starts vote for next map

# – vote for specific map – put number instead of # that matches map of your preference

!list – shows map list for vote if active or estimated time to next map vote

!nextmap – display next map

!votenuke - kills all the winning team ( use on server 2 only when one of the teams can not leave spawn!)

!rank – display your server stats

!top – display server top 3 players

!admin – list active admins

Questions? Write on our forum in a specific topic or on general topic. Join our Teamspeak and ask leader / admin to answer your question!
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